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Tumblr to share pictures of male models. I do not own any of these photos unless stated.

My sincere thanks to FashionSpot, Bellazon and ModelHommes and to all that keep those forums updated.

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Anonymous asked: You don't understand how much I LOVE your blog. Not only are there very hot and sometimes hard to find private pictures of male models, but it's also an information/gossip and discussion board all in one! Of course the owner makes the blog better as well ;) You're perfect and handling this blog and answering questions. So which designers so far did you think had the hottest models? I really loved the hair at bottega veneta. I bet dsquared2 will have hot guys as usual. Dolce was disappointing.


Yay for LMM!! lol. Thank you very much for the support, seriously!

About designers.. the best are dsquared2 (no doubt about this one), Frankie Morello (at least the last season was awesome) and Ermanno Scervino but yeah, Bottega Veneta was pretty great this season

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